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Item Code : P20500

Model No. : FGP206000000

Alternate/Ref. Code : P20500

  • $11.99   

Carex Health Brands Carex E-Z Stretch Cast Arm Protector, One Size

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About this item

Keeps casts, bandages, or wounds dry while bathing. The reusable cast protector provides a waterproof cover to keep casts, bandages, or injuries from getting wet. The arm cast cover for showering has a tight-seal around the leg to keep water and humidity out.

Won't rip or puncture. The cast water protector makes showering with a cast easy. Its robust and durable material won't get damaged easily.

Self seals tightly at the opening - no tape or special straps needed. The seal-tight cast protector doesn't need any tape or straps to seal. Using the cast bag is quick and easy.

Lasts the duration of most casts. The wrist cast protector is reusable and lasts as long as most casts. It provides durable protection to last as long as it's needed.

Fits most adults and children. The cast cover for showering offers a universal fit for most adults and children.