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product absorbency

Product Features



Tranquility® Premium ATN™ (All-Through-the-Night) Briefs give you freedom and security for the ultimate sleep experience. The plastic-backed material gives you confidence that your bedding will stay dry. Unique Kufguards® guide urine to the premium superabsorbent core, which holds and locks in up to 34 oz of fluid. Why 34 oz? The average adult releases 8-12 oz (1-1.5 cups) when they “go.” This provides ample capacity for those who void multiple times at night. Fluid stays in the core and will not be squeezed out if you move around in your sleep, for leak-free nights. Full-fit core extends over your hips for added front and back protection – great if you are a side-sleeper. Soft leg elastics stop leaks to give you a sense of security around your legs. Wetness indicator makes it easy and convenient to know when a change is needed, to protect your skin. ATN™ Briefs help you focus less on leaks and more on getting a calm and restful night of sleep.

  • Kufguards®
  • Refastenable Tapes
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Latex-Free


We hold cups, not drops.

We get it, using drops to communicate absorbency can be confusing. Tranquility values transparency. This is why we state our product’s full retention capacity on every package, in cups. No more misleading raindrops. No more second guessing how much each product can hold. We make it easy for you to feel confident in the product you choose.


Real Life Protection

Supporting peace-of-mind, dignity and skin health is at the heart of what we do. We carefully design and test our products to give you premium absorbent protection that holds up to the true demands of everyday living, so you can focus on the things that matter most. Our Real Life Protection Guarantee ensures you that Tranquility products will absorb and contain their stated fluid capacity no matter how much pressure is applied to the product. Whether you’re sleeping, sitting or on-the-move, you can rely on our clinically approved design to protect you, so you can live freely and confidently with fewer worries.


Model Number Size Size Dimensions Capacity – C.U.P.S. (oz.) Capacity (mL)
2183 X-Small X-Small (18″-26″) 18.5 547
2184 Small Small (24″-32″) 22.2 657
2185 Medium Medium (32″-44″) 27.5 812
2186 Large Large (45″-58″) 33 975
2187 X-Large X-Large (56″-64″) 34 1,005




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Disposable protective underwear, sometimes referred to as “pull-ons” or “adult diapers,” have been trending as the newly preferred style of incontinence care garment for the last few years. Researchers predict that sales of protective underwear will double over the next decade or so1, and Tranquility® OverNight Pull-Ons have quickly become one of the most popular product lines that we offer. With thousands of 5-star reviews from various retailers, caregivers and wearers rave about the product’s absorbency, protection and extended wear time.

overnight 5 stars

With this growing popularity, more of our consumers are looking to purchase pull-on underwear. A few of the most common questions we receive about these products are: 

  • What is the difference between incontinence care disposable briefs and pull-on underwear? 
  • Where can I buy Tranquility OverNight Pull-Ons? 

Let’s explore the answers to both questions.

The difference between incontinence care disposable briefs and pull-on underwear 


  • Disposable briefs feature tape or microhook tabs on the sides that attach in the front to hold the brief snugly against the body 
  • Available in either a poly (plastic) backsheet or a clothlike backsheet for added comfort and breathability 
  • Designed to contain both urinary and bowel incontinence 
  • Can offer very large capacity to hold fluid – some Tranquility briefs can lock in up to 34 oz of fluid  
  • Some wearers may think they are a bit bulkier than pull-on underwear 
  • For those with incontinence who cannot easily change their incontinence garment on their own, the ability to open and re-open the tabs on a brief makes checking and changing a little more convenient for their assisting caregiver 


  • Pull-on style underwear are worn like traditional underwear 
  • May be preferred by those who are independent and want to wear a product that is more like their typical underwear 
  • May feature a soft, elastic waistband that provides a more contoured, discreet and comfortable fit that moves with you 
  • Most pull-on underwear can be torn open at the waist for easier, cleaner and more convenient removal 
  • Despite their potentially slimmer profile, can also offer considerable fluid capacity – some Tranquility pull-ons can lock in up to 34 oz of fluid, the same as their briefs counterparts